Ando Visitor’s Center for Villa Rotonda

I’ve posted my first attempt at creating a visitor’s center for Villa Rotonda under Precedent Analysis-Part II.

I implemented the lessons I learned from Koshino House (natural  light on walls) into the Villa Rotonda visitor’s center.

Right now, I’ve come up with a rectangle that is half as wide as it is long. This reflects the Japanese tatami mat proportioning system.  Two skylights in the ceiling  allow natural light to play off the walls throughout the day. A bench bisects the rectangle into the two required separate spaces (gallery, model of Villa Rotonda vs office,bathroom,welcome desk, sales counter).  The bench continues on the outside of the structure to define one axis. The other axis perpendicular to the bench is defined by the windows on either side of the visitor’s center.

I will continue to post any progress I’ve made in my design.


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