Precedent Analysis

The new assignment for Studio class is to design a welcome center for an existing building. Prior to design, we must analyze the architect and his building. My precedent is Koshino House, by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. He uses light and water to emphasize nature in his concrete works.  The Koshino House is divided into two main parts, joined by a pathway. Each bottom half of the parts is submerged underground. Ando allows natural light to permeate the interior space, above and under ground. Somehow, he is able to give cold, hard concrete  the characteristics of  soft and supple–without detracting from the surrounding landscape.
I’ll let the pictures do the rest:

My diagrams of Koshino House

My Precedent Application (based on Koshino House)


2 thoughts on “Precedent Analysis

  1. hello my name’s stefanie, i’m a first year architecture student doing reasearch on the koshino house. i’m going through many different sources and comparing my analysis drawings and was hoping to see some of your diagrams? you do great work! i noticed it was password protected. thanks for your time!

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