Fruits of My Labor: Shelter for An Artifact

I know, it has been a while since my last post. However, I have kept very busy in studio this semester. For the past several weeks, we were assigned  a project entitled, Shelter for an Artifact. The artifact is a(2′ x8″ square) decorative tile from Louis Sullivan’s Chicago Stock Exchange.The only constraint to the project was that we needed to define  a  10x10x10  foot space.We also dealt with topography for the first time. 

My design precedent is one of  Donald Judd’s  sculptures in Marfa, Texas. In order to create a sense of disorientation, the walls are at a 60 degree angle from vertical. I placed the artifact parallel to one angled wall and a bench for viewing the artifact is on the opposite side. On September 3rd at 12:00 PM, the sun’s  altitude and azimuth angles will correspond to my 60 degree wall. This will allow sun light to directly pass through the ceiling gap and shine directly on the artifact. September 3rd is Louis Sullivan’s birthday.

You can view my design and model Here.


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