The Timeless Way

I’ve started reading a book, written by Christopher Alexander, titled: The Timeless Way of Building. From the few chapters I’ve read, it is a very good book for any architect (young, old, or aspiring) to read.

I’ve updated Line,Square, Rectangle with pictures of my new Spatial overlap model on an MDF landscape I created. The assignment indicated that the house we formed would be atop a mountain plateau overlooking a lake. I decided to give my clients large flat spaces on either side of the house, as well as the front yard. This way, they may enjoy views of the lake without worrying about a sloped yard. An important feature I made was making the front yard lower than the house’s level. This way, residents of the house can get a better view of the lake from both the first and second floor.

I’ve also updated Mélange with a picture of leaves entitle “Decomposition”.

I will be changing the theme on Friday to have a cleaner layout for text and pictures. Leave comments to let me know what you think about the new theme.


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