Line,Square, Rectangle (LSR)

The entire class of the first year architecture students have a single project  for the entire semester: Line, Square, Rectangle (I call it LSR).  The project  a study of space. It started off as a simple arrangement of those three objects. Guess what? It gets harder!  We then had to defined major and minor spaces and have those relate back to the original objects (line, square,rectangle).  Confused yet?

Last week we built models of our line,square,rectangle arrangements using MDF wood. I haven’t taken pictures of it, but I will let you see the finished result eventually.

Today, I updated the School Assignment library of pictures. I included the beginning diagram of

  1. LSR Major/Minor space diagram
  2. LSR axonometric drawings
  3. LSR model
  4.  Arch 101 study sketches

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